SPRINGWOOD 1, Blomfield Road is up for sale!

Blomfield…oh no…not another one!

I have just looked at the ‘Beatles house for sale’ video sent to me by Shelley Germeaux from Beatles Examiner .

What’s all that wood doing INSIDE the house and ON the walls??????? I recognise it, the shape, the staircase…and I do occasionally go to see it..but they don’t know that…sometimes I drive past and sometimes I park half a mile away and walk past. The whole road was lined with Elm trees, as we were growing up..beautiful trees…you can see the marks were they were uprooted..because of Dutch Elm disease..the council always promised that they would be replaced, but sadly, that never happened. so it was a very lovely aspect..and at the back, we had a garden gate leading directly into the allotments…an area the size of a couple of football fields…so you couldn’t see the houses…it was just fields, vegetables, trees and gardens. Then the council built on the land…so everything has changed….no trees, no space. We were lucky to have it as we did..all the tearing out of beautiful trees and building houses happened way after we had departed.

The small bedroom at the top of the stairs..the first one…was Jackie’s…and John’s. Whenever John came, which was alot, he would have the single bed in that room, which looked over the back of the allotment fields…a good view. It has a little fireplace…which was lit in the winter. Cosy. I had the second bedroom in the video…with very pretty wallpaper and a fireplace too..lit when it was very cold..we could sit in bed reading and drawing, with the fire crackling. When John was with us, Jackie moved into my room with the double bed… The last bedroom was my parents’ room..the cupboards are still there, but they seem to be smaller…..and the bathroom..where’s the bath? People do this now..why? So, the bath edge that John and Paul balanced on, to get the echo in the small tiled room..it’s gone!

The garden was full of marigolds…my father’s favourite flowers..and two big rhodedendron bushes..he was a keen gardener and kept it well…we would be in bed in the summer, listening to lots of Dads mowing the lawns, pushing the lawnmowers around…a nostalgic sound to this day.

It was a good place to be.

I go to Springwood from time to time..have a cup of tea with an old neighbour..walk past no 1 and reminisce..they don’t know. I can..and will..do this, no matter who has it. The Starkeys wander round there too..we talked about it at their family gathering……we children were happy there..and that’s where John had Mummy.

I do wish the family luck with the sale.

Julia x