Billboard interview, followed by The Maggie Linton radio interview

Hello Everyone,

I’ve had two  U.S. promotional interviews in the last two days, so I’ll combine them here.  Yesterday, I was interviewed by BILLBOARD for their magazine and today, I’ve just finished talking to MAGGIE LINTON, for her online radio show. You may be able to locate it in the ethers.  Both interviews were set up by Steve Ison and John Schofield, on behalf of their documentary film, ‘Come Together. A Beatles Tribute.’

Most of you will know that every year,  during the last week in August, a phenomenon takes place in Liverpool..Beatle Week. Fans from all over the world converge on the city, to celebrate the group (band) that changed our lives. There are about 8.000 tribute bands, either performing as Beatle- look-and -sound- alikes, or, conversely putting their own take on the Boys. Most of them aim to come and play on the hallowed boards of The Cavern Club..and any other stage they can climb on! It seems strange that no-one has thought to record this brilliant festival before, but it is out now, thank goodness.

This documentary invites us all to join in, to be Liverpool, hearing  from the band members, seeing many Johns, Pauls, Georges and Ringos with Swedish accents, American accents and in one case, the Japanese language! The Japanese boys (The Aspreys) don’t even speak English. Their playlist, which you can see over their shoulders, is in Japanese characters, but they have learned all the songs phonetically! Wow!!! Very impressive. There is also a girl band, who were rudely dismissed by Allan Williams, just for being  girls…I have seen them play and they are really good (silly Allan)…..For some reason, the Scouse accents are accompanied by sub-titles! My own part is that of narrator..the film has been planned, created, directed and produced by Steve and John. I only saw the final edited version months after my bit had happened and loved watching it afresh yesterday, when I received the link.

The film portrays fantastically well, the ab fab atmosphere that pervades every breath of air in the city, whether that is in a  basement, a ballroom, or in the open air.  So, have a look for yourselves at this trailer for ‘Come Together. A Beatles Tribute’……

The complete film will be released online on February 3rd…see their website at:

…and then come and join us in Liverpool if you can!

Julia x