Pete Dicks of Cannock Radio, (UK), followed by Raul of KWMR Airwave Radio (USA)

Two more interviews today..and one to go!
The first was with Pete Dicks…a radio journalist I’ve known for aboout 20 years…we’ve met up in various Beatle places, notably Beatle Week, in Liverpool. He even reminded me today of a fab band that we saw together many years ago in The Cavern Club…Mad Dogs. They are classically trained musicians from Rio, who play about with Beatles songs…in the same way that a super-professional tightrope walker can leap about on the high wire with big shoes and floppy headgear…and not fall off! He played out our interview wit their funky version of ‘Strawberry Fields’..if they are on youtube, try to listen to their ‘Taxman’.


The next interview was conducted by Raul, of KWMR Airwave radio…and he posed a very interesting question….asking what is the difference between an impersonator..and a tribute singer/player. We came to theĀ  conclusion that there are bands and individual singers who would classed as impersonators, with their dress style, hairstyle, glasses style and voice style…think the many Johns….and those who simply pay tribute to the music….including of course, the many ‘cross-over’ acts. A challenging perspective on modern Beatledom.

As soon as I receive these interviews, I’ll post them out to you…I’m now going out for pancakes!

Julia x