Brian Epstein’s Plaque……. Sunday 22nd February 2015.

It’s a start! A good start too, thanks to Marie Darwin and the book club gang, who meet at Cuthbert’s Bakehouse, in Mount Pleasant, in Liverpool. Marie has wanted to celebrate Brian’s Beatle life for a long time.and this plaque is, hopefully, the forerunner to a statue in the city.

Brian was born on 19th September, 1934, in a private nursing home in 4, Rodney Street, in the centre of Liverpool. It is just one of the many fine Georgian buildings in the city…we have the greatest number outside London. He later lived in a flat in a similar house just round the corner, number 22, Faulkner Street..the same flat he lent to John and Cynthia, following their marriage in 1962. So, it is on the Rodney Street Wall that you will find the plaque, just above eye level, behind the iron railings that front the house.

We were met in Cuthbert’s…I recommend it to you., with hot drinks. It was a cold, wet and windy day. At 2pm, we were all gathered in front of Brian’s birthplace, where there were reporters, cameras and fans. The plaque was covered with a blue curtain, which Marie and I pulled off, to reveal the artwork. It looks ab fab…a circular disc. Please look online for BBC News- Plaque for Brain Epstein and you will find a photograph and the news article. I tried to copy it here, without success! Marie gave a talk, where she even implied that Brian was greater than Elvis. (We don’t always agree!).

Then it was straight back to the warmth of Cuthbert’s and delicious hot stew. I think Brian would have enjoyed our day.

Now for the statue.

Julia x