Mr. McCartney in Detroit

How often can you go to a show, that gets better every time you see it? That is a rhetorical question, because I have no idea what the answer may be!

We went to see Paul at the Joe Louis Stadium in Detroit on Wednesday evening, having driven from Indiana..a journey and a bit.

But, boy, was it worth it..

I was lucky enough to get to chat with him before the concert…so let me give you a close-up. Paul looks fantastic…really, he does. He seemed taller than I remembered, but then I looked down at his shoes..Cuban heels!…and I was wearing trainers. He’s got an enviable mop of hair and a bright smile. He was wearing a great green sort of waistcoat jacket, cut away slightly at the front..this gave him an almost skinny look. Look online and you’ll see what I mean. He took this jacket off after a few songs…and said, ‘and that’s the only wardrobe change!’

And it was and is for Paul. He never leaves the stage until the (many) encores..he has the stamina and excitement of a teenager.

White shirt, black jeans, black belt, Cuban heels. There you go. What’s not to like???

He included a tribute to John, ‘Here Today”..beautifully sung.

….and as for the rest, you can tune into the playlist for yourselves…old favourites, some from ‘New”, some Wings, lots of Beatles, including ‘Just Seventeen’ and my own dancing number, right at the end, just when I thought he wasn’t going to sing it, ‘Helter Skelter”.

What a night….thank you Paul!

Julia x