New York..7th-10th Febraury 2014

We have sorted this out, my computer friend and I…he pointed out that I hadn’t logged in with the new password. Enough.

The reason that this seems so disjointed, is that a section has vanished…. I have just arrived home from  a birthday lunch, to read this morning’s blog..and can’t find words. Here they are again.

As part of our New York venture, we attended Mark Lapidos’ Beatlefest in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan. This lovely venue was transformed into a market place for Beatle People. The music was great, the visitors happy and excited, as we all wandered in wonder around the many tables overloaded with everything from trinkets to tableaux, pocket-size presents to large packages. Somewhere and something for everyone. I roamed to our own table of wares…Cavern City Tours….inspecting things, picking up and putting down, reading lines, looking at photos, statues. No matter how many of these events I go to, I forget that there is so much STUFF to explore.

I got to our stall, donned a CCT t-shirt and got to work…leaning on the table, chatting to fans of The Beatles; fans of my brother. As each person bought a book, I enclosed leaflets telling them about  Liverpool Beatle Week, inviting them all to come and join our own party. It is held each year over the U.K. Bank Holiday weekend. ..and answering any questions.   

And all my books were sold, I am very happy to report.

There were a few talks arranged. A group of us were interviewed by Mark to me..and after a few general questions, he took me by surprise with a last minute comment about the bad film, ‘Nowhere Boy’. He pointed out that he had heard that I didn’t like it (that’s putting it mildly), but that it was a subjective point of view.  I’m afraid that I became ‘subjective’ immediately..and protective, of my Mother. The film veered so far from ‘Imagine This’, that it was no longer recognisable as my own childhood. All I ask is that if you take the time to see the film, then please  read my book and see for yourselves.  More later.