Still in New York…!

The 4 days we spent in New York City are being extended to as many months in the recording!

I want to mention the fabulous event we did in The Town Hall Theatre, organised by Charles Rosenay. Charles is a Beatle friend in Liverpool…he has been bringing tour groups to International Beatle Week for as long as I can remember. I have been known to take over his coach and conduct a more personal tour, from time to time…along with my partner in Beatle crime, Jean Catharell.  We make a funky team, as it is Jean who actually knows the minutiae and how to get there…and me who was there for much of the Beatle Liverpool time and I just interrupt her with a few finer details.

We had with us, at The Town Hall show, our very own superstar Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Gary Millar. He really warms to the adulation he gets everywhere..  (I put it down to the gold necklace).. and if you look online at this event, you will witness a publicist par excellence  He talks about his adopted city…he actually hails from if he owns it outright and wants us all to be inside the rainbow. When his tenure finishes, later this year, I hope he is offered a permanent media post as  Cultural Ambassador for our city.

In this short time, we also were hosted by Hard Rock Café, NYC. Thank you for that, HR. We had a ball, starting with a book signing, which I always enjoy, meeting the people who make this all work.

After this, we moved into the main hall, again hosted by Gary Millar,   representing  Visit Liverpool. There followed an interview with the man who had recorded the Wenner Tapes, many years previously. This is not my favourite episode in John’s recordings, I have to say. I would ask you to remember that he was 28 years old, having been thrust into fame and fortune and was still climbing the learning curve. Who amongst us would want what we said at 28 to be our defining epitaph?

Then our own brilliant band took the stage, The Cavern Club Beatles, wowing everyone with their talent. A magic moment was the appearance of Ringo!…well, almost! It certainly took many by surprise and although I had met him over the last couple of days…even I was fooled for a split second!  He could have a job there. Dancing was the order of the night.

This was a wonderful end to the New York leg of our trip. The Lord Mayor was on his way back to Liverpool, along with Chris Brown, his colleague in Liverpool Town Hall.

But for us, Cavern City Tours Director’s group…how grand that sounds…and our very own fab four…The Cavern Club Beatles, we were off to Florida….where my  New York Query would be answered, brilliantly.

Query:..Where oh where is Elvis’ WHITE SUIT????

I had gawped at it back in the late eighties, in the Hard Rock in NYC. I thought it would still be there…why would anyone move it?? Nobody asked me, or even told me! I was looking forward to seeing it again. Back then,  I had allowed my young son to have 3 Coca Colas, followed by hours in F.A.O.Shwartz toy heaven, just so that he would leave me to absorb its magic, even from behind a glass case.

Answer:…coming next.

Serendipity is one of  my favourite words.